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Fill Me With Dick

Some girls like other girls but some girls need boner and Aspen Steen is one of those girls that needs a fat boner every once in a while. And since she like dough too, she makes a fine amateur sex porno model – get some dough and a fat boner all at once. In this […]

Mississippi Native Aspen Steen Does Her First Smut Movie

The sexy blonde teen Aspen Steen was born and raised in Mississippi but moved to Colorado recently and has now done her very first amateur sex smut video clip with Glass Mannequin Productions. It seems her artsy-fatrsy  brother  was taking pics of her in the shower so she decided that she would pay him back […]

Fucking The Tattooed Neighbor Chick

I’ll be honest, I prefer a girl with no tattoos but tattoos don’t bother me so much that it keeps me from stuffing my fat pecker into a neighbor girl just because she has a few unsightly tattoos on her otherwise excellent teenage body. In fact, this cute Colorado teenager, Aspen Steen has one of […]

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